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Small Wonders

margarita salt shakers

This summer has been extremely busy, but I’ve managed to take advantage of any free moments by spending quality time with friends and family (without any electronic devices clutched in hand), reading (now absorbed by Gone Girl) and taking care of myself physically and mentally by getting out on hikes and taking tennis lessons. Here are a few of the little things I have enjoyed lately.

Lemon lime margarita salt shakers (from a pottery store) any my favorite vintage dish make for a summer-y cocktail bar centerpiece.

succulent planter

I put this succulent planter together a year ago (DIY here) and admire its growth and pretty hues (read: wonder how I haven’t killed the plants yet!) when I sit out on our patio in the warm evenings.

nude ballet flats

These nude leather ballet flats (via Banana Republic) go with everything. They are comfy, perfect for a grassy graduation (congrats to my little sister on finishing college) and flattering in a shade that nearly perfectly matches my skin tone.

rhinestone wine glass

A few rhinestones (and all-temperature glue via glue gun) jazz up an ordinary wine glass.

enchiladas and Mexican fruit salad

Veggie enchiladas (black bean, corn and chili) and chicken enchiladas (chicken, chili and cheese) and a Mexican-inspired fruit salad were perfect for hosting a game night with friends.


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Half Braid Bun

This weekend flew by. We hung out with friends at night. Drinks outside by the pool and fire pits at The Roosevelt Hotel was a highlight (highly recommended for groups, no guest list requirements). We also hosted a game night. During the day, I went to a picnic in Griffith Park (beautiful) with fellow L.A. bloggers and accomplished several DIY projects that I had wanted to try.  I’m excited to share some of these along with some fun, new outfit posts later this week.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the hairstyle I wore on Sunday. My hair is parted on the side and I have two half braids secured with clear elastics. The ends of the braids are wrapped into a bun at the back of my head and held together with bobby pins. I completed the look by curling one inch sections of the hair left down away from my face. Once my hair was cool, I loosened the curls by combing through them with my fingers.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Fab Friday: DIY Agate Necklace

I bought a few agate gemstones during the holidays last year in San Diego. I’ve always been drawn to gemstones and even had a rock polishing kit as a child. Usually, I stick to delicate jewelry, but when I saw these gem pendants, I knew they were just right for creating some chunkier pieces.

Agate is inexpensive (I bought these for less than $10 each), and I love the unique patterns and variety of colors that occur. These stones were just large enough, without being too heavy for a smaller gauge chain, and the  neutral color scheme goes well with everything. To create more of a statement, I went for a layered look and made the necklaces two different lengths.


Gemstone pendants $6-$8 each

*These slabs were already in a gold casing with a metal ring on top, so it made for a simple DIY project. You can find similar ones at any gem, rock or jewelry making shop.

Chain from a jewelry store (more expensive) or craft store (less) $5

Jewelry cutter and pliers (available together in a jewelry making tool kit) $10

packet of jump rings and clasps  $3

*I bought everything but the pendants at Michaels.

Total cost – $30

I measured the chain lengths by holding the chain around my neck and finding  the best place for the pendant to sit. Then, I cut the chain for each necklace (one is close to 16″ and the other is about 23″).

Using the pliers, I opened four jump rings and put them on the ends of the chains, leaving one ring on each necklace open.

I added a clasp to the two open jump rings and shut them closed securely with the pliers.

And the necklaces were ready to be worn! I have rarely taken them off since making them (as seen here) and have already received a ton of compliments.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx


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Currently Craving: Contrasting Textures

As clearly seen in my latest outfit post, (chambray + silky cotton + faux suede + heavy metal), I have a thing for mixing contrasting textures/fabrics. Whether it’s done with a single piece, or by combining separates of varying fabrics, playing with texture adds interest to a look. These Giuseppe Zanotti heels kill me every time. Pearls, and leather, and suede! Oh my!

A bronze sequin collar and matching pleated, silk shirt.

This look from Celine’s 2013 resort collection mixes texture flawlessly. The contrasts in the materials stand out in its monochromatic color scheme – silky, sheer blouse with crinkled twill pants and a structured leather bag.

DIY eye-catching sneakers made by combining metal studs with canvas.

Caroline Sieber, (a stylist, Vogue contributor and Chanel ambassador who always looks perfect), wears loose, flowy chiffon with cashmere. She pairs the clothes with structured leather heels and an embellished clutch. The lavender and navy color combination is equally divine.

Wendy makes her silky, leopard shift dress even more chic by adding DIY contrasting leather pockets. Adorable!

Pearl shoes: Jak & Jil, sequin collar: Asos, Celine: style.com, studded Vans: Honestly WTF, skirt and sweater: Candice Lake, leopard shift dress: Wendy’s Lookbook.

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Chambray Shirt and Printed Shorts

I have been on a mission to get work, chores and errands done during the week, so that there is nothing left to be bothered with come the weekend. It’s always a challenge to get everything done in five days, but it is well worth it when I make it to Friday with two stress-free, fun days ahead. This weekend was exactly that – all fun. I spent quality time with my mom and younger sister (visiting from college in northern California). We had a productive craft day (many exciting DIYs to come) and an afternoon of shopping.

In the evenings, my boyfriend and I had friends over. One of the highlights was playing the celebrity game with friends. The game is a mix of taboo, charades and a memory game (aka awesome). We played guys versus girls, and quickly realized the charade part was not the guys’ strong suit. It was beyond entertaining to watch them act out difficult concepts through convoluted clues, all while steering their teammates completely off course.

In one such escapade, our friend crouched down and started shuffling back and forth like a hermit crab. He paused to look up with a silly grin on his face each time he started in a new direction. After a full minute of this, we were all in hysterics and had no idea what he was doing. His time was up and he fought off laughter to announce that he had been acting out Ashley Olsen. Apparently, crouching was meant to signal being short and the shuffling was supposed to convey that she is a twin, like “hey, it’s me here,” shuffle, shuffle, “oh, hey there is another of me.” It was incredible.

I wore this outfit during the day with flats and later at night with heels. I can’t get enough of denim/chambray shirts. They go with everything and are great for layering.  I’m equally fond of bold, yet wearable prints like the one on these shorts (also seen here in dress form).

Chambray shirt: Gap, printed shorts: H&M, heels: Zara, necklaces: DIY (will have tutorial later), bracelets: Nordstrom (cuff), vintage (triple strand), Sheila Fajl (thin bangles), studs: H&M, rings: Suzanne Felsen (moonstone/white cocktail ring), Ariel Gordon, Gorjana and XIV Karats (gold bands).

Beauty note: I am in love with sock buns! Yes, I have a real sock in my hair here. I will have a tutorial up on Friday to get this oversized, ballerina-inspired updo.


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