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Lovely Spaces, Places and Things: Dinkey Creek

As I mentioned in the last post, my boyfriend and I took a short trip to a place called Dinkey Creek in the Sierra Mountains last weekend. Dinkey is almost five hours from L.A., but well worth the drive. We have been coming here every summer for the last four years. The beautiful scenery, air that smells of fresh pine needles and general peaceful atmosphere (there is very little cell reception), continue to bring us back.

We stay in an old, wood cabin with a large porch that overlooks a flowing creek. There is always a big group of friends that come along. We swim and hike during the day and sit around a campfire playing games, listening to music and making s’mores in the evening.

Picturesque meadow views during one of our hikes.

A black and white calf watches me closely while hiding behind some branches.

One of our big campfires. The art of the campfire has been mastered over the years.

Making one of my favorite desserts – s’mores. I love the crunch of the graham crackers with gooey, sweet marshmallow and melt-y dark chocolate. Roasting them just right to get a golden brown crisp on the outside that gives to a warm, gooey inside makes all the difference.

Lime green moss growing on a rich brown tree trunk.

The granite pools from my earlier outfit post. Water flows down the mountain to create smooth rock pools and waterfalls in varied sizes. We spent one afternoon lounging here between hikes.


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Small Wonders: Downtown L.A.

A few weeks ago some of my closest friends and I got together in downtown L.A. to celebrate a birthday (happy belated birthday Caitlin!). Even though downtown is only 15 minutes away, my boyfriend and I rarely go. A birthday dinner was the perfect excuse to head east. In the last five to 10 years downtown has had a serious resurgence, bringing cool new restaurants and bars thanks to new building and business projects like the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

These spots tucked away among the center’s rich 1920s history and beautiful art deco buildings (love the Biltmore Hotel), make downtown one of my favorite places to visit. We moseyed around admiring the modern skyscrapers mixed in with charming deco buildings. Then, we went to Industriel, a new, French, farm to fork restaurant. The evening  reminded me how much downtown has to offer and that we should make the trip more often.

A glimpse of the restaurant’s rustic and quirky decor.

Group shot at the restaurant (minus two). I’m wearing a Nordstrom dress and H&M blazer. Also, note the birthday girl’s ribbon (far right), it was a DIY using card stock, ribbon and paint.

We just got back from a camping trip. I’ll have a new outfit post from our weekend getaway tomorrow. What did you do this weekend, anything out of the norm?

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Happy Fourth of July

A photo from this time last year with best friends (we’re fans of thematic dressing). I adore Independence Day. It is the epitome of a care-free summer day. My boyfriend and I are with friends and family barbecuing, swimming and watching fireworks. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday! xx

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Currently Craving: Fourth of July

Fourth of July just might be my favorite holiday. As far as holidays go, it is the most laid back. Independence Day requires little planning, but always seems to offer great rewards. The weather is always beautiful and the day usually consists of frolicking on the beach, spending time with friends and family, barbecuing and fireworks.

This year, the fourth is a little awkward since it falls in the middle of the week, but my boyfriend and I will be at a barbecue with friends and family on Wednesday. Then, we are taking a long weekend to stay at a cabin in the beautiful Sierra Mountains with friends, so it sort of feels like we get two holidays out of one. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to this week.

I plan to remake this refreshing drink with mint, sweet tea, vodka, lemonade concentrate, lemon juice and ice.

I love these blue and red straws with stripes and stars for the drinks.

I want to wear this polka dot blouse.

Women Skirts/dresses Tulip Skirt Low-res

With this white tulip skirt.


This dress is pretty darn cute too.

A floral and striped red and blue wedge will look perfect with either outfit.

What are your plans for Fourth of July? Are you a big fan of this holiday too?


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Fab Friday: Hawaii Highlights

Big Island Hawaii sunset

Besides the lovely things I posted about yesterday, there were a few other unforgettable adventures during my vacation on the Big Island. Just looking through the photos from our trip puts a smile on my face and gives me the tranquil feeling I felt for most of the vacation.  I love that about photos – that they can evoke a memory or feeling by capturing a moment in time. I hope these transport you to a tropical paradise, even for just a moment.

A vivid sunset that colored the entire sky.

Big Island Hawaii coast

The northernmost tip of the island.

wild horses big island hawaii waipio valley

Wild horses in Waipio Valley. This poor mama horse has become very skinny from feeding her colt.

big island hawaii cloudy sky

Powdery white clouds overflowing in the bright blue sky during our drive around the coast.

big island hawaii observatory

Visiting the top of the Big Island (14,000 feet up), which is home to some of the largest telescopes in the world, was the most special thing we did during our trip.

The sun going down from our view above the clouds.

I could sit on the beach and watch waves come crashing in all day.

Big Island Hawaii beach

A bay with calmer waters at the Mana Lani was the ideal place for daily snorkeling.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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