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A Lesson in Practicality

Every once in a while practicality comes rolling in like a dark thunder cloud ready to rain all over my fashion parade. Even in the midst of summer, the cloud appeared in the form of a camping trip that included long, strenuous hikes, lots of dirt and swimming. One could attempt to wear heels or even wedges on such a trip, but a) you would look ridiculous and b) about five minutes into it you would be begging for a piggyback through the woods and left to the bears (it’s every man for themselves on the trail). I like bears just as much as the next person, but I would rather not play lost girl stuck in heels with them. So, like in this post, I adapted my sartorial skills to the situation.

I couldn’t put all of my style inclinations aside. Glamor and femininity still called. And I began to realize this isn’t a rain on my fashion parade, but merely a light mist. Though it is sporty looking, I still managed to wear a dress, a hat embellished with a leopard print bow and my red printed bikini lined with ruffles. I was comfortable, cool and ready for both climbing around large boulders and dipping my toes into the cool granite pools.

Further proof of my practical style choices.

All in all our post-Independence day trip was a fun, de-stressing break (we had almost no cell reception). I’ll have some snapshots to share of the beautiful scenery later this week.

Cover up dress: C&C California (similar here and here), bikini: Freya (top and bottom), sun hat: F21, sunglasses: gifted Toms, flip flops: Reef (the only ones I’ll wear), tennis shoes: Puma (similar on sale).


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Stripes, Sheer and a Bow at LACMA

This weekend was by far the laziest weekend my boyfriend and I have had in a long time. And it was glorious – beyond relaxing. We cuddled up on the couch and watched back-to-back movies (without any electronic devices in hand), made dinner at home and walked over to The Grove for some shopping.

On Sunday, we strolled over to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to see the new, highly publicized outdoor installation, Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer. Considering that the museum is just a few steps away from our apartment, we don’t go nearly enough. We walked down the installation’s slot which slopes 15 feet from either side, creating negative space between the massive rock and viewer as you get under it. Being able to walk under a 340 ton boulder definitely makes for an impressive spectacle (photo below).

The artist came up with the sculpture in 1969, but it took him decades to find the right boulder (and funding!!). Transporting the rock from Riverside County in California took 11 nights (a normal trip would take a few hours) on a specially designed trailer. This explains some of the sculpture’s whopping $10 million price tag. If you are near, it is worth checking out.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited about a mid-week holiday! Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and then going to a BBQ.

Striped top: Gap, sheer, pleated maxi skirt: F21 (old), sunglasses: Gucci, tassel sandals: H&M, clutch: American Apparel, bracelets: J.Crew (blue sparkle) and Jessica Elliot (bangles), delicate rings: Gorjana, Ariel Gordon, XIV Karats and Nordstrom, new, glittery iPhone case: J.Crew (love!).

Beauty note: I adore sock buns (tutorial here). I wrapped a brightly colored ribbon around the bun to add a pop of color that matched my clutch’s hot pink zipper. Matching lips to nails, especially with a striking color like this goth-inspired, crimson red, is another look I am loving.


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Currently Craving: Sophisticated Glam

I’m currently craving pieces that are both sophisticated and glamorous, a combination I almost always look for when shopping, but especially lately since my schedule has been jam-packed. These items transition seamlessly from day to night with no fuss. The above pieces would be appropriate for work – and for dinner with friends or a swanky Hollywood event. I love the 70s style lace jumpsuit, tailored blazer with piping details and classic accessories that have a glam edge (bits of python, glitter, gold hardware and colorblocking).

python triangle earrings: Karla Deras x Roman Luxe $66 (it’s great to see such a fabulous blogger/brand collaboration!), tortoise sunglasses: Elizabeth and James $185, blazer: Topshop $70, cone cuff: Poshlocket $40, jumpsuit: Zara $90, colorblock tote: Celine (swoon!), glitter flats: Sorets $52, peplum top: Topshop $32 (love the berry hue), quilted purple bag: vintage Chanel (similar here and here, or scour your local flea markets/vintage shops).


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Melon, Floral and Sunshine

My boyfriend and I hosted a friend visiting from Florida this weekend. He is considering moving to L.A., so we wanted to give him an idea of how great living here can be. His visit gave us a reason to check out a few new places and do some of the things we never seem to fit in during a normal weekend. Breaking out of the usual routine was refreshing and exciting.

We visited some amazing bars and restaurants. Since the weather was perfect – clear, sunny and warm, we chose places with ample outdoor seating (The Churchill, Chateau Marmont and Palihouse). We went out dancing in Hollywood, and spent all of Saturday afternoon lazing by a pool in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, I was reminded of how harsh a day’s worth of sun can be despite sunscreen (parts of my skin look and feel like a lobster’s shell). Other than the sunburns, everything fell into place perfectly with very little planning.

I wear some variation of this outfit (a blouse and flirty skirt) at least a few times a week. It’s perfect for work, professional enough, while still being comfortable and effortless looking. The simple stack of bracelets, gemmy bib necklace and embellished kitten heels are just enough of a statement.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Any highlights?

Silk blouse: Equipment (on sale now), floral skirt: Nordstrom, studded heels: Nine West, necklace: F21 (only $15!), bag: vintage Chanel, bracelets: Jessica Elliot.

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Currently Craving: Contrasting Textures

As clearly seen in my latest outfit post, (chambray + silky cotton + faux suede + heavy metal), I have a thing for mixing contrasting textures/fabrics. Whether it’s done with a single piece, or by combining separates of varying fabrics, playing with texture adds interest to a look. These Giuseppe Zanotti heels kill me every time. Pearls, and leather, and suede! Oh my!

A bronze sequin collar and matching pleated, silk shirt.

This look from Celine’s 2013 resort collection mixes texture flawlessly. The contrasts in the materials stand out in its monochromatic color scheme – silky, sheer blouse with crinkled twill pants and a structured leather bag.

DIY eye-catching sneakers made by combining metal studs with canvas.

Caroline Sieber, (a stylist, Vogue contributor and Chanel ambassador who always looks perfect), wears loose, flowy chiffon with cashmere. She pairs the clothes with structured leather heels and an embellished clutch. The lavender and navy color combination is equally divine.

Wendy makes her silky, leopard shift dress even more chic by adding DIY contrasting leather pockets. Adorable!

Pearl shoes: Jak & Jil, sequin collar: Asos, Celine:, studded Vans: Honestly WTF, skirt and sweater: Candice Lake, leopard shift dress: Wendy’s Lookbook.

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