Top 10 Traveling Essentials

A view of San Francisco from the plane where I’m off to next week.

As I get ready to hop back on a plane for Las Vegas and then San Francisco, I am gathering my last-minute travel essentials and packing them carefully in my carry on bag. I travel often, both for work and for fun, so I’ve figured out what helps me feel most comfortable on the plane.

Here are my top 10 traveling essentials:

1. Face moisturizer and lip balm (I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for face and Burt’s Bees or EOS for lips).

2. A good book.

3. Pressure stabilizing ear plugs for flying (EarPlanes makes great reusable ones). They drown out noise, keep my ears from   getting clogged and only have to be worn during takeoff and landing.

4. My iPad loaded with music, movies and reading material (I love the NextIssue App with 80+ magazines for one low monthly fee).

5. Headphones.

6. Gum to keep ears from getting clogged and keep teeth feeling clean post on flight snacking (I like Trident original flavor).

7. A neck pillow. For someone who always falls asleep during long drives and flights, these pillows are amazing. Get one that has a built is multi-speed massager to relieve tension even when you’re not sleeping.

8. Healthy snacks. Plane food is not the best. I avoid it altogether when possible by bringing my own food. I love fresh fruits and vegetables because they are a great source of much needed nutrients and water while traveling. An apple with almond butter, carrots and celery with ranch and string cheese and crackers are my go-to options.

9. A large bottle of water. It’s hard to stay hydrated during a flight and I hate relying on the flight crew for small glasses of water. I keep mine in the seat pocket in front of me so I remember to drink it throughout the flight. Then, when the cart rolls by I get a glass of Ginger Ale or sparkling water.

10. Hand sanitizer. Most old planes are pretty gross. Tons of people are ushered on and off the planes every day and it can be hard to get to the restroom to wash your hands.

My favorite carry on to stash these goodies is a large tote bag from Longchamp.


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