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Homemade Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

caramel for homemade samoa cookies

I stumbled upon homemade Girl Scout cookies recently and I knew I had to make them myself. I have always been a Thin Mints kinda girl, but homemade Samoas sounded too good. What’s not to love about shortbread cookie, chocolate, caramel and coconut?

These were not the easiest cookies to make. It takes some time to top each one with the melted caramel and coconut mixture, and to coat the bottoms and drizzle the tops with dark chocolate (which I clearly got a little messy with). They were quite delicious in the end and well worth the work.

Butter mixture for homemade Samoas

samoa cookie dough

cookie cutting samoas

coconut topping samoas

homemade samoas

I used this recipe as a reference and made some slight adjustments along the way. By the second batch of cookies I realized that one of the things that make Thin Mints better is that the Samoas are missing the best part of the cookie – the center. So, I ditched the doughnut shape and put together a tray of round shaped cookies to take to a friend’s birthday party.

Homemade Samoa cookies

Homemade Samoa cookies

Thin Mints may need to be my next baking project (a daunting one though – how can you make those perfect little morsels even better?)…Happy weekend!


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Polka Dots and Ruffles

polka dot maxi dress

I was in Target a few weeks ago picking up last-minute essentials for our Hawaii trip and inevitably, as Target trips tend to go, was distracted by a slew of cute, trendy dresses that I had to check out. The dresses were part of the Kate Young for Target collection and I’m a big fan of the celebrity stylist (as seen here). This simple black and white polka dot maxi got me. It felt classic, but the unique cut out back and ruffles gave it an updated and unexpected twist.




polka dot maxi dress


I figured this purchase would go down as one of those impulse buys that never gets worn because of its slightly more formal look. Though the dress is not particularly casual, I was able to dress it down with flat sandals and a lightweight denim jacket to make it wearable for a casual evening out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Today is our first full day in Hawaii! Check in for regular updates on Instagram and Twitter. xx

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Small Wonders: Toronto Trip


Last week I visited Toronto for the first time. While I didn’t spend a lot of time in the city, I did get to eat some delicious food (they have every type), stroll along the lively waterfront and take in sights of modern skyscrapers going up all over the city. Here are a few snapshots of my short trip.

Ships and bicycles parked at the waterfront.

Tim Horton's doughnuts

I had to try Tim Hortons for coffee and a pastry at least once, eh? These doughnuts catered to the hockey fanatics (aka most Canadians?). Unfortunately, the team lost in the playoffs while I was there and the entire city went from feeling elated to crushed in a matter of minutes.

CN Tower Toronto

The CN Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and considered an engineering marvel. The sky-high building has an “Edge Walk” that allows people to walk around the top of the building outside and a fine dining restaurant that rotates to showcase 360 degree views from the top.


Canada has a fondness for tulips that I fully support. I found them all over in a variety of pretty colors.

Toronto waterfrontWalking along the waterfront, I loved the views of boats and greenery surrounded by modern buildings.

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Vacation Packing: Hawaii Bound

Hawaii summer vacation packing

In less than two weeks (!!), my boyfriend and I will be sitting on a plane on our way to The Big Island, Hawaii. I can hardly wait to tuck my toes into warm sand while reading on the beach, to swim in the ocean and gaze at some of nature’s most beautiful prints in the form of fish, and indulge in decadent meals overlooking a vast pink and orange tinged sky at sunset. We have been going to the same place for the last four years (past trip highlights are here and here), and while we talked about going somewhere new this year, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to enjoy our paradise once again.

Packing for the trip reflects the laid back vibe of a tropical island. My suitcase staples will include a frilly new swimsuit, a good book, flat sandals, accessories that protect from sun and comfortable, beach-y attire.

(1) Fedora: F21 (only $13!), (2) bikini top and bottom: Freya, (3) sunglasses: Nordstrom (only $22!), (4) top: Madewell, (5) shorts: American Eagle, (6) The Paris Wife: Amazon, (7) sandals: Target (only $15!), (8) strapless maxi dress: Club Monaco.

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Happy Mother’s Day

baby photo

To mom and grandma, I feel so lucky to have you both. Your love and support mean the world. You even supported my crazy style choices from the beginning…

Remember this denim dress with pink plaid flower, plastic purple bead necklace and stick-on earrings – not to mention the bangs that I cut myself (this was not mom’s favorite)?

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

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