Entertaining: Cheese Plate

Yesterday’s Super Bowl (read: Puppy Bowl and Beyonce Bowl) was the perfect excuse to make some tasty snacks. We had planned to have a Super Bowl party, but had to cancel since we’re getting over the flu. I made a small spread and we watched from the comfort of our couch.

One of the must-haves was a cheese plate. A good cheese plate is one of my entertaining staples, not only because it’s one of my favorite snacks, but also because guests enjoy the tasting experience. To create a cheese plate, I suggest:

1. A large slate board. You can write the types of cheeses directly on the board with chalk.

2. A variety of cheeses. I like to include a few mild cheeses and a few stronger ones like a blue cheese, and both soft and hard cheeses.

3. Cheese knives (for hard and soft cheeses).


Here are five of the best cheese plate accompaniments:

1. Crackers or sliced breads.

2. Nuts like rosemary marcona almonds or glazed walnuts.

3. Condiments like honey, jam or gourmet mustard.

4. Dried fruits like cherries and apricots create a pretty presentation.

5. An assortment of olives. Or charcuterie.


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