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Fab Friday: Pin it (not so) DIY

When I saw this brooch a few weeks ago while vintage shopping in the Bay Area, I knew I had to have it. I was immediately drawn to the shape and texture. I loved the resemblance of intertwined rope – like gold Twizzlers.

In the past, I overlooked brooches. Any that I was given from my grandmother would sit at the bottom of my jewelry box untouched. This antique one felt special so I decided to give it a shot. I pinned the brooch onto a plain black leather clutch and it instantly gave the bag more interest. I love the way the bag looks now.

I have already bought a few other pieces to use as pins including costume earrings. I removed the earring backs and hot glued a pin in place. Then, I added the oversized, colorful  earring converted to pin to a navy blazer. The possibilities for creating a unique brooch are endless and easy.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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