Fab Friday: DIY Agate Necklace

I bought a few agate gemstones during the holidays last year in San Diego. I’ve always been drawn to gemstones and even had a rock polishing kit as a child. Usually, I stick to delicate jewelry, but when I saw these gem pendants, I knew they were just right for creating some chunkier pieces.

Agate is inexpensive (I bought these for less than $10 each), and I love the unique patterns and variety of colors that occur. These stones were just large enough, without being too heavy for a smaller gauge chain, and the  neutral color scheme goes well with everything. To create more of a statement, I went for a layered look and made the necklaces two different lengths.


Gemstone pendants $6-$8 each

*These slabs were already in a gold casing with a metal ring on top, so it made for a simple DIY project. You can find similar ones at any gem, rock or jewelry making shop.

Chain from a jewelry store (more expensive) or craft store (less) $5

Jewelry cutter and pliers (available together in a jewelry making tool kit) $10

packet of jump rings and clasps  $3

*I bought everything but the pendants at Michaels.

Total cost – $30

I measured the chain lengths by holding the chain around my neck and finding  the best place for the pendant to sit. Then, I cut the chain for each necklace (one is close to 16″ and the other is about 23″).

Using the pliers, I opened four jump rings and put them on the ends of the chains, leaving one ring on each necklace open.

I added a clasp to the two open jump rings and shut them closed securely with the pliers.

And the necklaces were ready to be worn! I have rarely taken them off since making them (as seen here) and have already received a ton of compliments.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx



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5 responses to “Fab Friday: DIY Agate Necklace

  1. Gorgeous necklace! And I love your nailpolish too!


  2. SH

    You have a lovely Blog. Please visit also mine and tell me what you think ❤

  3. Great DIY post!!! i love agates so much lately, and I def need to be making one of these!!! thank you for sharing 🙂

    love K

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