How To: Sock Bun

As promised, here is a tutorial for the sock bun seen in my latest outfit post. Buns have always been my favorite everyday updo. They are sophisticated, classic and super easy to create. I especially love the sock bun because it gives the ballerina-inspired hairstyle an oversized, voluminous look.

To start, take a sock (in this case tie-dye blue) and cut off the foot and top band of it. Fold the remaining tube part of the sock over a few times so that you are left with something that looks like the above (about one and a half  inches wide).

Then, put hair in a ponytail (as high as you want the bun) and slide the sock onto the ends of the hair. Pull the folded sock down until you have just enough hair to fan out over the sock like a spout.

Begin folding the hair over the sock and tucking the ends under it. Continue this as you roll the sock down, tucking the hair under with each flip.

Tuck and shape the hair into a bun as you flip the sock and hair together until you get to the head and it feels secure.


The bun is a statement on its own, but you can add a headband or sparkly clips for a dressier look.


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