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Fab Friday: DIY Pickles

There are few food moments as rewarding as pulling a chilled pickle spear out of its jar and biting into it as it makes a loud crunching noise. It’s crisp, refreshing, slightly tangy, a little spicy and very salty. You can compare my passion for dill pickles to a pregnant lady’s…or Snooki’s (yes, I just did that). They are delicious on their own, and I can’t imagine a burger/sandwich/hot dog without them.

A few weeks ago, I was going down the chilled aisle at our local market and as I reached for a fresh jar of Claussen pickles (my favorite store brand), I stopped, not only because they were over five dollars (eek, but so worth it), but also because I remembered that pickles are easy to make from scratch. All you need are cucumbers (as fresh as possible), white vinegar and spices.

For these I used plenty of fresh dill, garlic and some red pepper and black peppercorns for a little spice. Celery seed and mustard seed are also great flavor additions. I suggest this recipe. Boil vinegar, water and salt in a pan. Put the spices into a jar with the sliced cucumbers. Pour the heated liquid mixture over the top of the jar, leaving some room at the top. Seal the jar and put it in boiling water for a few minutes (about five). Then, put the jar in the fridge and let them soak for at least a few hours, overnight is ideal. They are perfect for Fourth of July BBQs and will last for weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx



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Lovely Spaces, Places and Things: Whites, Wood and Neutrals

With all the bright colors and prints around, I can’t help but be attracted to stark whites, natural, warm wood tones and earthy taupes. There’s something particularly refreshing and clean about minimal pieces and spaces in the midst of summer.

This gorgeous home in Mallorca, Spain exemplifies mixing whites with neutrals by incorporating natural elements like wood (the exposed beams are gorgeous) and ratan. The result is a cozy, clean look.

Sequins are the focal point on this pretty, sheer Stella McCartney overlay that mixes white with pale gray.

Interior designer Elizabeth Stanley’s bedroom features all white bedding mixed with dark and light wood tones. I love the vintage Louis Vuitton trunk as a nightstand and the white neon sign.

A Danish home with naked white walls includes hints of brick and wood for a minimal look.

This cascading white, ruffle blouse adds just enough interest to a monochromatic outfit from Zara’s most recent lookbook.

Simple stud earrings with white gemstones in a rose gold setting.

San Giorgio, a Greek hotel on Mykonos by Design Hotels. They brilliantly combine stark whites with bits of metal and wood. Vacation now please?

Images (not linked above): Stella McCartney: fatal-e tumblr.


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Currently Craving: Sophisticated Glam

I’m currently craving pieces that are both sophisticated and glamorous, a combination I almost always look for when shopping, but especially lately since my schedule has been jam-packed. These items transition seamlessly from day to night with no fuss. The above pieces would be appropriate for work – and for dinner with friends or a swanky Hollywood event. I love the 70s style lace jumpsuit, tailored blazer with piping details and classic accessories that have a glam edge (bits of python, glitter, gold hardware and colorblocking).

python triangle earrings: Karla Deras x Roman Luxe $66 (it’s great to see such a fabulous blogger/brand collaboration!), tortoise sunglasses: Elizabeth and James $185, blazer: Topshop $70, cone cuff: Poshlocket $40, jumpsuit: Zara $90, colorblock tote: Celine (swoon!), glitter flats: Sorets $52, peplum top: Topshop $32 (love the berry hue), quilted purple bag: vintage Chanel (similar here and here, or scour your local flea markets/vintage shops).


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Melon, Floral and Sunshine

My boyfriend and I hosted a friend visiting from Florida this weekend. He is considering moving to L.A., so we wanted to give him an idea of how great living here can be. His visit gave us a reason to check out a few new places and do some of the things we never seem to fit in during a normal weekend. Breaking out of the usual routine was refreshing and exciting.

We visited some amazing bars and restaurants. Since the weather was perfect – clear, sunny and warm, we chose places with ample outdoor seating (The Churchill, Chateau Marmont and Palihouse). We went out dancing in Hollywood, and spent all of Saturday afternoon lazing by a pool in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, I was reminded of how harsh a day’s worth of sun can be despite sunscreen (parts of my skin look and feel like a lobster’s shell). Other than the sunburns, everything fell into place perfectly with very little planning.

I wear some variation of this outfit (a blouse and flirty skirt) at least a few times a week. It’s perfect for work, professional enough, while still being comfortable and effortless looking. The simple stack of bracelets, gemmy bib necklace and embellished kitten heels are just enough of a statement.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Any highlights?

Silk blouse: Equipment (on sale now), floral skirt: Nordstrom, studded heels: Nine West, necklace: F21 (only $15!), bag: vintage Chanel, bracelets: Jessica Elliot.

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How To: Sock Bun

As promised, here is a tutorial for the sock bun seen in my latest outfit post. Buns have always been my favorite everyday updo. They are sophisticated, classic and super easy to create. I especially love the sock bun because it gives the ballerina-inspired hairstyle an oversized, voluminous look.

To start, take a sock (in this case tie-dye blue) and cut off the foot and top band of it. Fold the remaining tube part of the sock over a few times so that you are left with something that looks like the above (about one and a half  inches wide).

Then, put hair in a ponytail (as high as you want the bun) and slide the sock onto the ends of the hair. Pull the folded sock down until you have just enough hair to fan out over the sock like a spout.

Begin folding the hair over the sock and tucking the ends under it. Continue this as you roll the sock down, tucking the hair under with each flip.

Tuck and shape the hair into a bun as you flip the sock and hair together until you get to the head and it feels secure.


The bun is a statement on its own, but you can add a headband or sparkly clips for a dressier look.

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