Fab Friday: DIY Personalized Wine Glasses

DIY personalized wine glasses

I’m a bit of a germaphobe and one of my least favorite things is sharing my drink with someone, which usually happens unintentionally. Whenever I am out with friends or hosting people, I’m usually focused on the conversation and not on guarding my drinking glass. At some point in the night, I inevitably grab whatever glass is in front of me, take a drink and notice a guest/friend watching me. “Oh, is that your glass,” they ask. “I think so,” is my first response as I put it back down. Then, after further investigation, “no, this is definitely not mine,” followed by me apologizing profusely. Hence my new favorite DIY how to: personalized stemmed glasses using chalkboard paint.


Chalkboard paint $10

*I bought this small container of chalkboard paint from Amazon and it comes in several fun colors including hot pink, black, blue and green.

Stemmed wine glasses or goblets

Paint brush

Total cost – $10 – $15

personalized wine glasses diy

Paint the base of the glass as far up on the stem as you want. Let the first coat dry fully. Repeat this step three or four times until you’ve reached the desired opacity.

personalized wine glasses diy

Once the glasses are completely dry, finish by using white or colored chalk to write names on the paint.

My new glasses are in regular rotation and the paint has yet to chip or scratch. I have even washed them in the dishwasher multiple times.

Have a great weekend! xx


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One response to “Fab Friday: DIY Personalized Wine Glasses

  1. To The Autumn Issue Readers:
    She is NOT making this up! She does steal people’s drinks 🙂

    Super cute idea, and they would make such a great gift!

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