Lovely Spaces, Places and Things: Tea Time

#royalalbert #teaset

Secretly, I have wanted to host a glamorous garden tea party with all my girlfriends for far too long. Maybe because my closet is filled with tea party-ready dresses and hats, but there’s just something romantic about the idea. I don’t know when I will actually have my dream fête, but I can  certainly gather inspiration in the meantime.

First step, acquiring a proper tea set. This Royal Albert one offers chic and elegant details like gold trim, mint polka dots and peek-a-boo roses.

#metallic macarons #gold macarons #pretty macarons

Pearlescent macarons topped with edible gold leaves look as good as they taste. Macarons are one of my favorite desserts. They not only offer rich flavor in a light, crunchy texture, but they also make for a pretty presentation.

#mimosa bar #brunch cocktails

My tea party will have a mimosa bar. Chopped fruit, a mix of fresh fruit juices and chilled champagne are all that is needed for an indulgent addition to tea. Image: via.

#blueberry pancakes #blueberry cupcakes

These blueberry pancake cupcakes are delicious, unique and easier to eat than traditional pancakes.

#floralhat #boldlips

A garden party is the perfect excuse to wear a beautiful, impractical hat like this Jen Kao floral-inspired one. Bold, coral lips and cheeks add the right amount of fresh color. Image: via.

#architectualdigest #garden #prettybackyard

The ideal outdoor area for a glamorous brunch soiree. Image: via.

#englishroses #rosebouquet #peoniesandroses #peonies

A centerpiece of english roses, roses and peonies like this would be charming and romantic, while adding just enough color to the table.

Pretty, romantic dresses in a shade I cannot get enough of lately – chartreuse. I find the color unexpectedly easy to wear and flattering. Images: H&M 2012 Conscious Collection dress: via and Skye Stracke photographed by Kayt Jones and styled by Daria Anichkina for Elle Russia via.


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