Fab Friday: Around My Apartment

It’s easy to take home for granted. I can come up with a million complaints about my apartment like having crazy neighbors, a lack of light and no architectural character or charm (I used to live in a home built in the 20s with the original chandelier, sigh). But, I live in my favorite neighborhood of L.A., can walk to most places, and our apartment always feels safe and cozy. I’ve been on the go constantly and it’s when I can’t be home that I am reminded just how special it is. Here are a few things around our place that I’m loving at the moment:

Our couch (custom designed here) is contemporary and comfy and the velvet pillows add a splash of glam. My new coffee table book (c/o) provides gorgeous inspiration.

Yes, I have a thing for succulents (also seen here). When the weather gets warmer, I love having meals or reading out on our patio which has several plants like the one above.

Our apartment features a few sports bar/arcade games including this professional dartboard. It’s unobtrusive and can be hidden away in a rather chic cabinet. We host people often and last minute, so having things that offer easy entertainment is a must.


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