DIY Time: Succulent Centerpiece

I love having plants in and around my apartment. Unfortunately, I have two problems with this: a) somehow I manage to kill them quickly and b) fresh flowers are too expensive to buy on a regular basis since mine usually only last a few days. This is why I decided to create my own unique arrangement with durable (read: hard for me to kill) plants – succulents.


Planter $15

*If you plan to keep your cactus garden outside all the time, make sure there is a hole in the bottom of your wood planter for water drainage or drill one yourself and do not cover with plastic. If you want it to be an indoor house plant part or all the time, you will need to cover the bottom with plastic – even a plastic bag will suffice.

Small rocks $6

Soil (I recommend a cactus soil which has more of a sand base) $4

Succulents (three medium-large, one medium and two small) $2-$4 each

*You should be able to get these supplies in one trip (my kind of DIY) to your local nursery, garden supply shop or hardware store.

Total cost – $44

Total time – about 30 minutes

Here is a simple step-by-step how-to:

Place your plants, allowing for room around each to grow. Dig a hole for the first plant and cover most of the way. Repeat with the remaining.

Pour in more soil so that the planter is evenly filled almost to the top, ensuring each plant is secure.

Add more rocks to the top of the soil for a prettier finish.

The project supplies were inexpensive, it didn’t take long to complete and the plants don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon (they look healthier than when I bought them two weeks ago). The planter is just as lovely as a centerpiece on our table inside as it is out on our porch step. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift which is just around the corner (May 13th). I plan to try another planted centerpiece in the near future (quirky, pretty arrangement of wildflowers maybe).

*A quick note about succulent care: if you chose to keep the planter inside and cover with plastic, you only need to water the plants once the soil becomes completely dry to the very bottom. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight or artificial light.  If it is an outdoor plant, the same things apply except you don’t have to be as concerned about the soil drying all the way through or overwatering because of the drainage hole.

What do you think of my first DIY project?



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4 responses to “DIY Time: Succulent Centerpiece

  1. dd

    Another tip…… you don’t have to buy succulents. You can find anyone who has a succulent you like (like your mom) and clip off a flower. You just stick the end into the soil and it starts growing.

  2. wow! this looks great!


    • I love this. I’ve recently (since moving to SD) become a bit addicted to succulents. In fact, for my birthday, I gave all of my friends mini-succlents as party favors. I like your creative construction. It’s rather fun. It will be even cooler when the succulents start filling it out a bit more.

  3. Great job! I just killed a bunch of plants on our patio. =( I was just saying the only thing that I am going to get from now on are succulents… At least there are so many to choose from and some even look like flowers!


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