French Braid Half Ponytail

Since I rarely change my hair much (it’s almost always the same layered length), I like coming up with new, simple styles for something different. I used my little sister as a model for a french braid half ponytail. To create the look, I gave her a side part. Then, made two sections of hair for the braids by going from the side part, about three inches back from the top of her forehead and moving across and down along the head almost to the nape of the neck. I did this to both sides, french braided each and secured the two ends together with an elastic (a clear band would work better) at the back of her head. The loose hair was smoothed down with a comb.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I am going to Disneyland for the day and could not be more excited.



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3 responses to “French Braid Half Ponytail

  1. creamyclothes

    What a beautiful perfect braid. Mine never come out that good! So pretty. HOpe you had fun at Disneyland!!

  2. Thats gorgeous… I definitely miss braids since I cut my hair!


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