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Sleek Pastels for FABB


I’m off to the Fashion and Beauty Blogger conference hosted by Lucky Magazine today and I could not be more excited! I can’t wait to hear some of the amazing speaking panels, meet some of my favorite bloggers and see some of my blogger friends – all on the beach at the beautiful Annenberg Community Beach House.





I waited until last minute to find something to wear to the event. Saturday had to be turned into a shopping day instead of a relax and do nothing kind of day. I am going to the conference for work as well and I wanted an outfit that was business-appropriate, but would also be fitting for the cocktail party after.  It’s the first big West Coast conference and on the beach so color and a fun, summery dress seemed ideal. I ended up with one of my favorite color combos : pastel green (in this case more lime than mint) and blush seen here.

Dress and blazer: H&M, belt: Asos $15, shoes: Zara, clutch: American Apparel $113, bracelets: Nordstrom (cuff, similar $58), vintage (triple strand), leather and gold bracelet purchased in Italy years ago, Sheila Fajl (bangles), castle rings: Disney Couture $22.



April 30, 2012 · 9:21 am

Fab Friday: Around My Apartment

It’s easy to take home for granted. I can come up with a million complaints about my apartment like having crazy neighbors, a lack of light and no architectural character or charm (I used to live in a home built in the 20s with the original chandelier, sigh). But, I live in my favorite neighborhood of L.A., can walk to most places, and our apartment always feels safe and cozy. I’ve been on the go constantly and it’s when I can’t be home that I am reminded just how special it is. Here are a few things around our place that I’m loving at the moment:

Our couch (custom designed here) is contemporary and comfy and the velvet pillows add a splash of glam. My new coffee table book (c/o) provides gorgeous inspiration.

Yes, I have a thing for succulents (also seen here). When the weather gets warmer, I love having meals or reading out on our patio which has several plants like the one above.

Our apartment features a few sports bar/arcade games including this professional dartboard. It’s unobtrusive and can be hidden away in a rather chic cabinet. We host people often and last minute, so having things that offer easy entertainment is a must.

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DIY Time: Succulent Centerpiece

I love having plants in and around my apartment. Unfortunately, I have two problems with this: a) somehow I manage to kill them quickly and b) fresh flowers are too expensive to buy on a regular basis since mine usually only last a few days. This is why I decided to create my own unique arrangement with durable (read: hard for me to kill) plants – succulents.


Planter $15

*If you plan to keep your cactus garden outside all the time, make sure there is a hole in the bottom of your wood planter for water drainage or drill one yourself and do not cover with plastic. If you want it to be an indoor house plant part or all the time, you will need to cover the bottom with plastic – even a plastic bag will suffice.

Small rocks $6

Soil (I recommend a cactus soil which has more of a sand base) $4

Succulents (three medium-large, one medium and two small) $2-$4 each

*You should be able to get these supplies in one trip (my kind of DIY) to your local nursery, garden supply shop or hardware store.

Total cost – $44

Total time – about 30 minutes

Here is a simple step-by-step how-to:

Place your plants, allowing for room around each to grow. Dig a hole for the first plant and cover most of the way. Repeat with the remaining.

Pour in more soil so that the planter is evenly filled almost to the top, ensuring each plant is secure.

Add more rocks to the top of the soil for a prettier finish.

The project supplies were inexpensive, it didn’t take long to complete and the plants don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon (they look healthier than when I bought them two weeks ago). The planter is just as lovely as a centerpiece on our table inside as it is out on our porch step. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift which is just around the corner (May 13th). I plan to try another planted centerpiece in the near future (quirky, pretty arrangement of wildflowers maybe).

*A quick note about succulent care: if you chose to keep the planter inside and cover with plastic, you only need to water the plants once the soil becomes completely dry to the very bottom. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight or artificial light.  If it is an outdoor plant, the same things apply except you don’t have to be as concerned about the soil drying all the way through or overwatering because of the drainage hole.

What do you think of my first DIY project?


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A Disney Day

Weekdays are so busy that I usually try to keep weekend plans to a minimum. I usually reserve Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes Friday nights) for spending time at home, catching up on sleep and occasionally venturing out to see a few friends for dinner or brunch. While I love having these few days to rest and relax every week, I sometimes feel like I have wasted a weekend.

This past weekend, however, I took a different approach. Rather than skipping or rescheduling events, I allowed the weekend to be jam-packed with activities (a Dodgers game, birthday celebration, Korean BBQ with friends, a fun DIY project that I can’t wait to share later this week). It’s amazing how much can be crammed into one weekend.

On Sunday, we went to Disneyland (eeee!) with a group of friends, including a theme park designer (yes, this is actually a career), who is the best Disneyland host. Ever. He rolled out the red carpet for us and had the day planned out perfectly.

I have a slightly embarrassing affection for all things Disney – especially the parks. This is clearly demonstrated by my Minnie Mouse-inspired getup that was comfy enough for a day of endless walking.

Baby ducks were everywhere! I could not get enough of the little fluff balls.

One of the day’s highlights was getting to ride with the captain atop the Mark Twain Riverboat. There was a lot of horn blowing and bell ringing during our short journey (awesome). If you ever go to the park, I highly recommend asking one of the ship cast members about joining them up top.

World of Color, the light show at California Adventure was the ideal ending to a day that was nothing short of magical. I had never seen the show before and it’s pretty spectacular (if you can find an unobstructed view). Have you seen the show? Is anyone else out there a Disney / Disneyland freak like me?

Blouse (similar here, here and here) and sweater vest: unknown, jeans: Joes (slightly different cut) $152, shoes: Converse Jack Purcell $43 (on sale), Minnie Mouse ears: Disney $20.


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French Braid Half Ponytail

Since I rarely change my hair much (it’s almost always the same layered length), I like coming up with new, simple styles for something different. I used my little sister as a model for a french braid half ponytail. To create the look, I gave her a side part. Then, made two sections of hair for the braids by going from the side part, about three inches back from the top of her forehead and moving across and down along the head almost to the nape of the neck. I did this to both sides, french braided each and secured the two ends together with an elastic (a clear band would work better) at the back of her head. The loose hair was smoothed down with a comb.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I am going to Disneyland for the day and could not be more excited.


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