Lovely Spaces, Places and Things: Feeling Nostalgic

When I saw these gorgeous images, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. My sisters and I were water babies, swimming and riding on boats any chance we could get. Our family vacations always involved a beach or lake. There was a water park similar to this not far from where I grew up in Northern California and we used to play there for hours.

Water park in Poland by RS+ Architecture, photos by Tomasz Zakrzewski.

The photos also remind me of trips to the park with my dad.  We would run nonstop playing hide and seek and tag. He’s very large (not fat, just big, sorry dad), and I would laugh until my stomach hurt from watching him try to run through the (much) smaller jungle gym equipment to get to me.

A true water baby bikini. I usually rocked neon multicolored ones (it was the 80s /early 90s), but I also had a few patterned suits with bow details. My younger self would have also loved this retro bikini for adults.  The big bow on top is arguably impractical, but it sure is adorable.

My favorite thing as a kid was reading, I read anywhere and everywhere. I spent most of my free time at the local library since it was quiet and there was an unlimited supply of books. My parents wouldn’t have been able to pry me out of this little private library/reading nook (curtains would have been drawn closed of course).

My five-year-old self is so jealous of these adorable tutus and the mermaid party /pale pink, vintage ride. Actually, I might have the theme for my next birthday…I can still have a mermaid party right?

Big girl version of a pretty tutu. Love the dress’ pearl detailing.

Grilled cheese sandwiches made by grandma were the best. She used sourdough bread crisped to perfection, plenty of butter and gooey cheddar cheese. Mini sandwiches with a gourmet cheese (maybe gruyere?) paired with cups of tomato soup are cute for entertaining, and a little more sophisticated.

These salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars (recipe here) look delicious, and are the perfect substitute for twix, one of my favorite candy bars as a kid.

Remember these? My boyfriend and I discovered a stash of pogs hidden away in a drawer of his old room at home. I love “The Shredder” metal pog in the left corner and the “chill out” one (so 90s). The stars, bee, anchor and heart ones definitely would have been in my collection. I don’t really remembering actually playing with these, just collecting them.

Twister was an awesome game as a kid, this simple version sans the white plastic sheet seems much more adult-friendly. A fun, last-minute backyard activity for a warm weather day.

This room (or art project) was created with thousands of stickers placed by thousands of kids. I would have gone to town in here. I was serious about my sticker sticking and collecting.

I wanted a tree house so badly when I was younger. I never got a real tree house, but there was a lot of intense fort building. This grown up version is fabulous and would make up for any missing out.

A mahogany slide in tech tycoon, Scott A. Jones‘ home. The 17  foot slide specially crafted for speed took a year to build and lands directly into the house bar/lounge. How convenient.

I know I can’t complain about getting “old,” but I can certainly miss being a kid every once in a while. Do you ever feel like time goes by too quickly? Sometimes I get a little panicky about it and have to remind myself to just enjoy the moments while they’re here. What are a few things that make you feeling nostalgic?

Images (not linked above): grilled cheese: and embellished blue dress: unknown tumblr.



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7 responses to “Lovely Spaces, Places and Things: Feeling Nostalgic

  1. I’m kind of stuck between time passing by too fast and wishing things would hurry up and get going haha ! (btw. pogs! suchs a blast from the past !)
    Coeur Decors

    • Thanks for the comments! @Shubana I totally agree! There is a lot of “I can’t wait until…” in my day to day life, but every once in a while I miss being a carefree kid.xx

  2. lovely photos! the one with the kids are so cute!!!
    xx s

  3. omg what lovely pics 🙂 almost all of them

  4. Vernon

    This is your “Big Ole Dad!” I still remember chasing you around the jungle gym. Your laughter still rings through my big ears. We did have a lot of fun times on the water. Went to a Trace Adkins concert, he sang a song “She thinks we’re just fishin” and it reminded me of all those fun times. I still see my young, beautiful daughter. I want to go back in time and slow the growing process down and chase you around the jungle gym again. Hope I can see you sometime this summer.

  5. bikini is so sweet ohhhh 🙂

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