Lovely People, Spaces and Things: Chanel Party in Vegas

Chanel knows how to host a fabulous party. Here are few images from the brand’s invite-only, eight day party and installation “Numeros Prive” at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibit’s main purpose? To surprise and delight (and supposedly celebrate the reopening of their Bellagio boutique). It certainly seems to be a job well done.

Diane Kruger in a stunning, opalescent Chanel dress was clearly impressed with the scene, snapping away.

Hanging ballerinas performed while guests sipped on cocktails.

Alexa Chung dancing/clapping in pastel blue Chanel.

The 10 room installation included a Lagerfeld dollhouse.

Model Poppy Delevigne dances the night away.

Guests played arcade games dropping claws into mounds of small sized Chanel gifts.

The whole thing kind of makes me want to go to Vegas…

Images: Diane:, white swan:, Alexa and dolls:, Poppy:, arcade games:



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2 responses to “Lovely People, Spaces and Things: Chanel Party in Vegas

  1. I saw the pictures of the Chanel arcade on Hanneli Mustaparta’s twitter and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever! Your pics are great…I wish I were there partying 🙂


  2. Nicole Marie

    Amazing, I wish I was cool enough to go to that! haha. Chanel is my all time favorite!!

    Nicole Marie

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